An active four full day a week preschool run by Diane Townsend a licensed Early Childhood Educator. Located in the James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, BC


For the past 14 years Diane has been providing childcare from her home on Powell Street in James Bay.  Capital Park Preschool strives to be a home away from home for your children.  With lots of activities and outside time children are introduced to the world around them and given lots of time to explore it. 


We take swimming lessons at the downtown YMCA


Once a week we go to kinder gym downtown 


Capital Park Preschool is part of the vibrant community of James Bay.  Being in the heart of James Bay and so close to downtown we are able to walk everywhere. We visit the  Beacon Hill park and the many beaches and parks nearby.  We know our neighbours and the children feel like they are rooted in their community with their friends.


With only 8 friends we are a small facility.  We get to know each other almost like siblings.  Children often start preschool at a little over two years old and stay until they go off to kindergarten.   This multi age type of care encourages empathy and understanding in the children.  Once they were the little ones and needed help, now they are the big kids and get to be the leaders.  


Field Trips

 Every day we are out and about in the community.  Some of things we do

  • Imax

  • museum

  • Library

  • Swimming

  • Kindermusic

  • Kindergym

  • Beaches

  • parks

Capital Park Preschool is located in Powell Street in James Bay.  This location is perfect for exploring everything that Victoria has to offer, beaches, parks, downtown, library, museums etc.

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